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ACT/SAT tips

Here are a few tips of taking the ACT and/or SAT.

  • Prepare. There are prep books you can check out from the library or free online sample questions and practice test. Don’t go in blind. You’ll end up overwhelmed.
  • Eat breakfast. You’re going to be sitting at a desk in quiet room for hours at a time trying to remember math and definitions you learned two years ago. You’ll need brain food. Even if you don’t typically eat breakfast, eat something small.
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep. Sleep helps with focus and memory. You will need both while taking this test.
  • Wear a watch and set it to 12:00 when the test period starts. This will allow you to better time manage. You’ll know when you are spending too much time on a question. Also the proctor will only tell you when you 5 minutes left, which only enough time to take last minute guesses.

Now go forth and get good scores. Keep in mind if you get a bad score you can retake it. (I took the ACT 4 times.)

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