Your junior year of high school is really the best time to do college searching and start some of the college process. Below is a list of things you should be doing.

  • Start touring colleges. Make a list of your top college choices and go visit them (with your parents/guardian). Colleges offer tours everyday of the week and certain Saturdays. It’s important to walk around campus and see if you’re going to like or not.
  • Take the ACT/SAT. With standardize test, practice usually results in a higher grade. The more you take it, the more comfortable you are with it. It may be pricey, but $50 now can save hundreds of dollars in the future.
  • Start researching scholarship you can apply for next. Go to my “Scholarship Hunting” page to see how you do this. Also there are some national scholarship competitions that offer juniors scholarships. If you see one you qualify for and are interested in, apply for it.
  • Start thinking of teachers, coaches, community leaders, family friends, neighbors, etc. that can write letters of recommendation. Scholarships (and some colleges) require at least one letter of recommendation. Make a list of people who you could ask and who would write a GOOD recommendation letter for you. Ask them at the beginning of your senior year and give them a resume or a list of your accomplishments.