With online and night classes, it is extremely easy to go back to college for bachelor’s and/or master’s degrees. A few months ago, a mother in her late 30s asked me this question. Since I know there are others who have this same question I thought I would share the answer with everyone.

The proper term for “old people” is non-traditional college student. And like most things that have to do with postsecondary education, the qualifications for a non-traditional students varies from college to college. The qualifications can be age, life experience or a combination of the two. For example, one university may declare a non-traditional college student to be anyone over the age of 25. Another may say a non-traditional student is anyone married before they enroll into the college. While a third college says a non-traditional student is someone who is over 30, married, and have children.

This terminology is very important when looking for scholarships. Yes, there are scholarships for non-traditional students. You can find them the same you find any scholarship- the college’s scholarship office and the internet.

Pro-tip: if you are looking for scholarships online, search for scholarships based on your life experiences and situations. Search scholarships for parents, single parents, divorcees, etc.

To those who want to go to back to school, I wish you good luck and hope you are successful in your endeavors.