Want to maximize your time in high school while minimizing your time in college?Consider getting college credit while in high school. You can take advance placement (AP) and/or dual enrollment classes that will give you high school and college credit at the same time.

AP classes are college level classes taught in a high school environment. Students get the high school credit by passing the class like any other class. However, the only way to get the college credit is to scored a 3-5 on the AP test at the end of the year. It does cost money to take the test ($93 as of April 2017). The nice thing about AP classes is you have all school year to prepare for the test. You can also experience a college workload and expectations without being in college. Another bonus to AP classes is that all college and universities accept AP credit.

With dual enrollment classes, you are taking a college class through a college/university (as in you become a part time college student). Dual enrollment classes can solely online, in a classroom environment, or a combination of the two. Passing the class is all that is required to get both your high school and college credit. As for cost…that depends on the school and state. Duel enrollment can range from free to the full cost of a college class. Also, like I mentioned in my Planning to Transfer? article, your college credit from dual enrollment may not transfer to the college/university you want to attend.

Now which option is best for you? To answer that question you need to asked yourself several questions:

  • Are you good with keeping up with deadlines without being reminded?
  • Are you a good test taker?
  • Does the college you want to attend accept credits from the duel enrollment college?
  • Are you and your family willing/able to spend money on college before you are even in college?

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