Volunteering looks great on college and scholarships applications. Everyone can be a selfish teen, but it takes a special person to serve his or her community. Community service may seem like a chore if you treat it like an item on your college prep checklist, but if you find the right activity for you, it can fun and beneficial.

Which or what kind organization to volunteer with?

  • Find a cause that important to you. You may be young, but you’re not clueless about the world around you. Chances are you found a problem in the world that you want to fix. The chances are even higher that someone else is already trying to fix it. Join them and volunteer. For example, let’s say you know someone with breast cancer, volunteer at a Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Or you are concerned about the environment, there are always park clean-ups, roadside trash pick-ups, or lake/river clean-ups.
  • Find a service that involves something you love. Community service doesn’t have to be tedious and boring. Figure out how you can volunteer doing what you like to do. If you are into sports, volunteer to help couch or referee a kids recreation league. If you love animals, volunteer at a local animal shelter or zoo.
  • Find a service that relates to your possible future career. There are places you can volunteer at that can give you an idea of what a future career in that field is like. If you want to be a nurse then volunteer at a hospital or the Red Cross. If you want to be a teacher then volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club or an after school program.

When you’re serving?

  • Be polite to the people you are serving and the people you are serving under. This should be common sense.
  • Do not be on your phone unless you have been allowed to do so. This should also be common sense. Being on your phone while serving is rude to the people and organization you are serving. Also how can you be fully serving if you are on you’re on your phone.
  • Do not take pictures without asking. There can be legal restrictions on taking pictures especially when serving organizations dealing with children. Ask first. Also don’t just take selfies. Take pictures of you serving, finished projects, or the organization building/sign.

What to do after your community service?

  • Write down the day, time, and what you did. Keep a record of all your community service.You will need those details later.
  • Reflect. Community service will invoke revolutions that you will never get in a classroom. Take to time to think about what you did and how it impacted someone else.

Community service is beneficial to your community and you.