In early February, I got call about scholarship search advice. The parent of a high school senior asked me how could they find scholarships and was it too late to apply for scholarship. I told that parent it’s getting close and advise them on all the things I mentioned in my “Scholarship Hunting” and “Using Google to Find Scholarships” articles.

I have noticed that students and parents wait until the last minute to look for scholarships. I think it is because they are so worried about getting into the college they want (or that will give them the best price) that they forget about scholarship searching. So as always I am here to help.

When is the best time to look and apply for scholarships?

Beginning of the school and winter break. Students (and parents) have more free time during the periods to search and plan. Also few scholarship due dates occur during these times. So if you find one you qualify for, you don’t have to worry about rushing to apply for it.

When is it too late to look and apply for scholarships?

March. After March, there are much less scholarships available. Strangely, there is another surge in scholarships in June. However, most people’s determination for scholarships wavers in the summer.

When is the busiest time for scholarship packet due dates?

From February to Mid-March. During this time, there are a large number of scholarship packets due. This is why I recommend looking during winter break.