Picking a college major is the first step towards picking a college. With that being said, it’s hard. It’s hard to go from being told what to study to getting to choose what to study. It’s hard to decide what you do I want to study to get a job in after college. But fear not! I am here to give you suggestions on how to find and pick a major.

Take a personality quiz. You can do this online for free.

My personal favorite is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I have never meet a person, who didn’t find his or her results scary accurate. You will get a four-letter result and with that results you can look suggested careers for your personality.

If you don’t like the suggested careers but you feel the results accurately describe your personality and who you are, use the strengths, weaknesses, and traits to perform the first idea for finding and picking a major.

Keep in mind you don’t have to choose your major before you go to college. You can go to college as an undecided major and take classes in areas you think you want to major in without committing. Also you can change your mind. Picking a major is not signing a contract in blood you can change your major if you decided you don’t like it.