Most people don’t realize this (or at least I didn’t realize this), but one does not simply fill out a scholarship application. One must fill out a scholarship application, write an essay, submit one to three letters of recommendations, submit your transcript, and then submit other requested documents (like financial documents). All of that can be a bit overwhelming especially when you’re trying to enjoy your senior year of high school. Here are some tips to filling out scholarship packets.

  • Type your scholarship application. It looks nicer and it’s easy to read.
  • Read the deadline for the scholarship CAREFULLY. There is a difference between post marked on this date and due on this date. Make sure you know rather you can mail it on the deadline day or it has to be at the address on the deadline day.
  • Ask the writer(s) of your letter of recommendations not to mention the scholarship name in the letter. If they do that, make a copy of the letter, send the copy to the scholarship committee, and save the original for yourself. Now whenever you need a letter of recommendations you won’t have to ask for it. You can just make another copy.
  • Tell stories in your essays. It makes the essay more enjoyable to read and makes the reader feel like he or she gets to know to you. Also if you’re like me and word count is the devil, it gives you extra words.
  • Mention the backstory in the scholarship in the essay if you can. In the scholarship description, it may mention the story of how the scholarship became to be. Use that story or part of that story in your essay. Again, add words to your word count. It also impresses the scholarship committee.
  • Get someone to proofread your essay. Doesn’t matter if it’s a teacher or a friend or a sibling. As long as they understand the difference between there, their, and they’re.
  • Always make and keep a copy of the scholarship packets you’re submitting.