Do you know what you are going to major in? No. Have you thought of being an undecided major?

An undecided major is exactly how it sounds. You are basically tell the college or university “I don’t know what I want to major in, but I know I want to be in college.” You will take all your general education courses and any introduction courses in majors you think you are interested in. You may also be required or asked to take personality and strengths test to help you to determine the major that best suit you.

You can be an undecided major for two years before you are asked to pick a major. Most undecided majors I have met pick a major after one year. Also most undecided majors I have met still graduated in four years.

Why is being an undecided major better than declaring a major then changing it if you don’t like it?

Changing your major is easier for some people than others. There can be some emotional factors in the decision that you didn’t expect. Disappointing family. Realizing you like the idea of being a doctor (or whatever your career will be) not the coursework or the work. Fear of not being as financially independent as you would like to be. These are all reasons people hesitate to change their major. Outside of these reasons, the only thing stopping you from changing your major is one page of paperwork.

Also not all degree plans are created equal. All your classes may not transfer to your new degree plan especially if you switch to a polar opposite major (like from chemistry to music). There are differences in every major those difference can cost you more credit hours, more money, and more time in college.

If you are unsure of what to major in, consider entering college as a undecided major.