Google is a wonderful resource especially for finding scholarships. The problem is you can just type in “scholarships” and get 81 million hits. Now you have to stroll though all that information. You’re clicking on every link and reading. Don’t qualify for that one. Go back and click on the next link. Read some more. You do this for about 30 minutes then get tired. You give up and never make past the fifth page of the search. There is a better more effective way to use Google to search for scholarships.

Make a list of things that about you unique. Your ethnicity, the major you want to study in college, what your parents’ career, your hobbies, the clubs you’ve been involved in, etc. Also write down gifts and talents you have (like speaking another language) and unique experiences you have (like being adopted). Now search scholarships using that list.

To prove my point, I’m going to make a list for myself when I was in high school and show you how much better it is. Remember just searching “scholarships” give you 81 million hits and you will not qualify for all of them.

  • African American-711, 000 hits
  • Biomedical engineering- 1, 170,000 hits
  • Father in military- 334,000 hits
  • Enjoy Writing- 44, 700, 000 hits
  • Enjoy Reading-42, 800, 000 hits
  • On the Newspaper Staff- 42, 900, 000 hits
  • In Theater- 60, 700, 000 hits

Google still gave me plenty of links to scholarships, but I can be 90% sure I qualify for whatever scholarship I hit.

This is also a great way to search for scholarships when you’re in college.