There are scholarships all around you. You just have to look for them and APPLY! Below is a list of places you can find scholarships.

  1. Your Guidance Counselor: At the beginning of your senior year of high school, go to your guidance counselor’s office and tell them who you are, you need to find scholarships, your GPA, the school you think you will attend (if it’s in state or near you). Also give him or her your email address and ask him or her to email you when they hear about scholarships.
  2. Scholarship Search Engines: There are hundreds scholarship search sites. Google “scholarship search sites”, pick a site, make an account, and see all the scholarships you can apply for.
  3. Your Parents’/Guardian’s Jobs: Some companies offer scholarships to employee’s children. Ask your parents look into it. Also if your parent(s) has a service job such as teacher, police officer, fire fighter, military, etc. you may qualify for some private scholarships. I have even seen scholarships for children of farmers.
  4. Your Job: Some companies will offer scholarships to high school students. Talk to your manager or supervisor.
  5. Older Friends or Family Members: Scholarships are offered on a yearly basis (unless they are new or the funds have run out). Ask friends and family members who have already graduated high school and gone to college if they know of any scholarship (this will only help if they lived in the same state or city as you do). Or your junior year, go to your school’s senior award night (if your school has one) and ask the seniors what scholarships did they apply for.
  6. Your Possible College: Visit the financial aid website of the college you may attend. Find out if you qualify for any scholarships. Also look to see if your future acedemic department or college offers any scholarship.
  7. Local Fraternity and Sorority chapters/ Local Social Clubs/ Special Interest Clubs: These organizations enjoy giving back (or they like tax deductions). These will be the best places for scholarships because there are less people applying for these scholarships. Also they may be less publicized.