You’re senior year of high school is packed with all kinds of activities. Your last homecoming games, prom, senior picnic, senior trip, parades, senior prank, and other things your school or city might do. But most importantly getting ready to attend college. If you are a senior in high school, let me tell you what you need to be doing this year.senior year

  1. Have a financial talk with your parent(s)/guardian if you haven’t already. Ask your parents if they have a college fund set up for you and how much is in there. Ask them if they can or will help you pay for college. Go to and find out how much financial aid you qualify for using FAFSA4caster.
  2. Apply to your top college choices. Even if you haven’t visit the college yet, go on and apply, so you don’t miss the application deadline. You can visit later.
  3. Retake the ACT/SAT. Unless you have an amazing score and can get into the college you want and the scholarships you want, retake it. It can’t hurt.
  4. Find and apply for scholarships. Your guidance counselor and Google will be your best resources for doing this. Fill out every application that you can possibly qualify for.
  5. Apply for the FAFSA. Applications for the FAFSA open February 1. The earlier you apply, the higher your chances are for getting grants and other financial aid. Income taxes are not a requirement to fill out the FAFSA. You and your parents can use a pay stub or last year’s taxes to fill it the application and qualify you for grants in February. Then fill in the correct tax information in April.