With more jobs requiring a college degree, a college education is becoming a standard job requirement. However, the growing cost of attending college is making a college diploma that much more of a challenge to achieve. Not to mention the college searching and application process can be very difficult if you don’t have someone helping you navigate the high school to college borders. That’s where this blog comes in.

Osheana (1)Hi, my name is Osheana. I am a recent college graduate. The thing that differentiates me from other graduates is I graduated with $0 of college debt. How did I do that? Scholarships… and several of them. The spring semester of my senior year in high school I was filling out applications and writing essays for every scholarship I found. I was rejected by more than half of them, but the other half was enough to finance most of my college education.

The objective of The College Train is simple. These are my tips and advice for choosing and financing college.

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